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Gweb facelifting

After web-enabling your legacy applications you can enhance their appearance by facelifting.

Gweb enhances the screen images by automatic application of basic facelifting, and you can improve basic facelifting by applying wallpaper and HTML headers and footers that show your company logo or other images.

Gweb includes development tools that allow you to further enhance the screen images from the host applications by including your own HTML for presentation of individual screens. Gweb builds a library of the host screens after basic facelifting has been applied, and this library of HTML pages can be edited using any HTML development tool on a screen by screen basis. The development package includes a macro language for accessing areas or fields in the host screen image, and returning values to be used in the screen fields when the reply is transmitted to the host. The macro language also allows conditional display of HTML sections depending on the content of areas or fields on the host screen.

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