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FTP client

Glink has a powerful FTP client, qualified with legacy system FTP servers as well as Open systems FTP servers.

The Glink FTP client automatically detects the type of FTP server to which it is connected, Legacy or Open system, and converts the FTP server directory format to the Windows directory format of your choice. Each directory window has its own toolbar.

Glink FTP supports drag and drop, or you can mark the desired file(s) in either directory and click the upload or download icon. File type is derived from the name extension, allowing transfer of multiple files in mixed ASCII and binary formats. The client supports directory download and compressed download.

Remote files can be viewed and edited using a configurable viewer and editor. Remote files changed with the editor are uploaded if the changes are saved.

Your FTP file transfers can be secured with a choice of the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or Secure Shell (SSH) encryption and authentication protocols.

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