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Ggate is the G&R gateway to Bull GCOS systems, including the Intel based Diane and NovaScale systems. It is a 100% software solution that runs on Open Systems platforms, including Windows, UNIX and Linux platforms. It replaces competing gateways that run on proprietary hardware, and can replace a Bull MainWay front-end for huge savings in cost of operation. Ggate offers monitoring facilities, backup routing and load balancing. Above all Ggate offers unrivalled throughput in terms of transactions per second on a wide range of platforms, giving you a uniquely scalable solution for GCOS access.

What does Ggate offer you?

  • Choice of Open Systems platforms for ease of integration in your operational environment
  • Choice of platform power for scalability and cost-effective communication
  • Record-beating performance limited only by your choice of platform
  • Choice of installation on your GCOS platform (NovaScale or DIANE) or on an external platform
  • Choice of fail-safe installation on multiple servers
  • Choice of load-balancing across multiple servers
  • Monitoring services for following your GCOS access load
  • Ggate native TCP/IP protocol for efficient communication with Glink and other G&R clients
  • TNVIP protocol for communication with third party block-mode clients
  • Telnet protocol for communication with character mode clients
  • Fully configurable native Bull DSA sessions with all GCOS6, GCOS7 and GCOS8 applications
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