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Jefferson County Schools

Jefferson County Public Schools wanted to bring their Human Resources system to the web. The Bull e-Business team used Gweb Professional to simplify the user's view of the system, eliminating confusing and bothersome navigation through menus, as well as automatically performing repetetive log-in commands and bypassing irrelevant screens. Jefferson had previously evaluated other products, but Gweb gave them 'mainframe' performance and response times. Any employee with a browser can now access the system from Jefferson's intranet web. Download in Acrobat format

Jefferson County School District, located in the Louisville area, is the largest in Kentucky and serves the educational needs of 95,000 students. As a leader in technology, the District has more than 13,000 computers in classrooms, labs, and libraries, bringing the student-computer ratio to 6 to 1. Some schools even allow the laptops to be checked out for use at home - just like library books.


Keep it Simple

Working with the Bull e-Business team, the District had gone to "school" for some web-enabling on-the-job training. And, as any educator knows, advanced courses are always necessary!

Based on the District's priorities, Bull's e-Business team focused on Human Resources applications. One set of functions provided state contract desktop computer purchasing information, one displayed health plan pricing options and several others dealt with employee education credits.

Bull's e-Business team set out to simplify the user's view and access to specific areas of the on-line Human Resources system, eliminating the sometimes confusing and often bothersome navigation through many levels of menus. Using GwebPro as the web-enabling software tool, the team created a single "intranet" menu that will only be available to the web audience. (The District previously had evaluated other products, but wanted a system that gave them "mainframe" performance for transaction response times.)

The team developed a hyperlink menu to the employee bulletin board and other functions. Redundant tasks such as repetitive log-in commands and abbreviations to detail screens were hidden from user view and performed automatically without user intervention. "Return to menu" buttons were created for ease of use and for the contemporary look and feel expected by seasoned users of the web.

A Future Path to the Web

The District is pleased with the results of their web-enabling efforts. With the confidence in the capabilities of their software tools and the experience they have gained, the District is prepared to complete additional applications in their web-enabling project.

"In May 1993, the National Alliance of Business (NAB) honored Louisville and Jefferson County as the recipients of the first annual Scholastic Community Award for Excellence in Education.

NAB President William H. Kollberg praised the community's efforts: 'The community of Louisville and Jefferson County has distinguished itself over the past decade as one of our country's true trailblazers in the area of education reform. Louisville is the kind of place where you would want to raise a family because the community really cares about its children - all of them.'

We have continued to win awards and gain recognition for our commitment to our students and our community. Our information systems play a key role in our ability to provide the services our students need and that our community expects. Bull has helped us to take the steps to improve our service, expand our access, and to move forward with contemporary technologies."
Paul Stevenson
Executive Director, MIS
Jefferson County School District

"We are very pleased with the web enabling technical support provided by Bull. It's like having additional resources available whenever you need them."
Ken Bridges,
Techniques Manager
Jefferson County School District

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