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Glink 8.1d beta is available

This is your chance to qualify R8.1 of Glink Professional. The beta versions of Glink Professional Edition and Glink Enterprise Edition are available for download and test from our distributors.

If you are waiting for functionality in R8.1 of Glink, you should test the beta to be sure that it is working for you.

This is a significant release of Glink. It introduces:

  • Windows Vista certification
  • MSI installation
  • UAC (User Account Control)
  • Vista help
  • Enterprise license sharing with Java and .NET Glink/GlinkWeb
  • GlinkWeb and GlinkAPI for .NET
  • UTF-8 encoding for transmission/reception
  • Start up list of available configurations
  • Wallpaper selection list and facelifting previews
  • Many new IBM 3270 keyboard functions
  • IBM colour enhancements
  • IBM 3270 transparent PCL print
  • IBM 5250 'host print transform'
  • FTP recursive directory upload and download
  • TN3270/5250 automatic print session

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What's new in the beta 8.1d

Default Glink configuration directories

The default User Directory (/U) has now been changed to be "My Documents\Glink". This directory will be created when a Glink configuration file is saved. If Glink is a Per user installation, then the Glink Config Directory (/CD) defaults to the 'All User' documents directory.

New MSI User interface
The MSI dialog boxes have been completely redone and enhanced. An extra dialog box allows initial Glink command line options to configured. This can for example be useful for specifying /U to point at a directory containing configuration files from an earlier installation.

TN3270/5250 automatic print session
An option has been provided for specification of a printer LU or device name for TN3270 and TN5250 connections.When this is specified an additional printer session will be started automatically alongside of the normal screen session.

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