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Glink for Java R6.7 is available

The production version of Glink for Java R6.7.0 is avail­able, and can be down­loaded by distri­bu­tors for instal­lation on production sites.

This release introduces the first production versions of GlinkAPI and GlinkWeb for the ASP.NET platform.

It also includes an updated and improved version of the Java version of GlinkWeb and GlinkAPI and many improvements in all the Glink for Java emulation modes and communication stacks.

The .NET version of GlinkWeb will be covered in more detail in a separate announcement.


The Java version of GlinkWeb

This version of GlinkWeb uses Java Server Pages (JSP) to generate all the Web page output. This means that the HTML template files used for automatic facelifting are no longer used and are replaced with JSP files. The Java Server pages interact with GlinkWeb through the GlinkPage API for both simple and more advanced facelifting.

The HTML code generated uses CSS classes for text, input fields, buttons, messages and warnings to simplify modifications of the layout.

Business applications are often controlled using function keys. So are some of the local browser functions, preventing input from keys such as F1, F2 etc. being sent to the business applications. The JavaScript routines that control the browser keyboard have now been extended to pass these function keys to the business application giving the user an interface more like a real terminal.

Windows (cutoff)

.NET version of GlinkAPI

The optimized version of Glink for Java, with a small footprint and no presentation logic, has been ported to .NET making the GlinkAPI available to .NET applications that provide the user interface themselves. You can build .NET Windows applications, ASP.NET Web services or ASP.NET Web sites. The .NET version of GlinkWeb is an ASP.NET site that is built on top of this GlinkAPI version.

The configuration system is the same as for the Glink Java version. The Glink Java Administration utility and the Glink for Java client are delivered with this product for your convenience.

See also Release 6.6

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