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Glink Professional & Enterprise Editions, update 8.0.4 is available

Glink Professional and Enterprise Editions, updates 8.0.4 are now available. Your local distributor can download them for installation on production sites. These updates are available free of charge to customers with a service contract for Glink Professional or Enterprise Edition. Customers with a service contract for Glink Standard Edition can upgrade at a special discount. Customers with no service contract must purchase a license upgrade.

Release number

This release is based on the R8.0 source tree, and is regarded as a maintenance update of that release.

The release is primarily a maintenance update that corrects errors detected since the 8.0.3 update.

The details of errors corrected are documented in the known error pages of our web server and are listed in the announcement for our technical list.

The update does have some minor functional improvements.

Some are related to IBM 3270 emulation mode:

  • Full transparent print support has been added for 3270 emulations allowing direct host printing of native PC-print file formats such as PCL.
  • Glink automatically switches between GUI and Text mode printing when necessary (text mode is required for native PC-print formats).

Some are related to DGA (Direct GCOS Access):

  • It has been made clear that the 'Mailbox extension' is the host mailbox extension for the screen LID, by moving the configuration entry to be directly under the 'Host application mailbox'.
  • The 'Printer connect to host' checkbox is moved before the printer configuration.
  • If the 'Printer connect to host' option is not checked, only the 'Printer local mailbox' entry is displayed. This is suitable for accepting incoming connections from GCOS7 Twriter.
  • If the 'Printer connect to host' option is checked, then both a 'Printer host mailbox' and a 'Printer host extension' are displayed. This is to make it easier to assign a LID to the printer session when connecting to TP8 (where the TP8 mailbox extension to which you connect is used as the LID).
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