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Glink for Windows and 64-bit platforms

Windows 64-bit server platforms have been available since the general availability of Windows 2003 in May of 2003, although acceptance in the field has been slow. A 64-bit version of Windows XP has also been available to users purchasing a new Intel Itanium Processor Family workstation.

Glink R7.2.x (Glink Professional and Enterprise Editions) is supported on all the 64-bit Windows platforms.

Users with Glink Professional or Enterprise Editions R7.2.x may report problems through the usual channels.

Although we have had no 64-bit problems reported from the field, in-house testing since the release of R7.2.0 has revealed some minor problems using Windows server 2003 on a 64-bit platform.

To avoid these minor problems we advise users acquiring a 64-bit Windows platform to move to the latest release of R7.2.x.

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