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Glink Professional & Enterprise Editions, update 7.2.3 is available

Glink Professional and Enterprise Edition, update 7.2.3 are now available. Your local distributor can download them for installation on production sites. These updates are available free of charge to customers with a service contract for Glink Professional or Enterprise Edition. Customers with a service contract for Glink Standard Edition can upgrade at a special discount. Customers with no service contract must purchase a license upgrade.

This release introduces official support for the G&R GlinkVisual product. The run-time support is included in the release, and the GlinkVisual Forms Assistant is available as a separately priced product for customers who would like to use Visual Basic to develop workstation or server-side applications that access mainframe applications using Glink. See GlinkVisual for more information.

This release is also fully qualified on the 64-bit Windows platforms. See 64-bit platforms for more information.

Release number

This release is based on the R7.2 source tree, and is regarded as a maintenance update of that release, although it introduces official support for a new product, GlinkVisual.

The release is primarily a maintenance release that corrects errors detected in the original 7.2.0 release.

The details of errors corrected are documented in the known error pages of our web server and are listed in the announcement for our technical list.

See also Update R7.2.2.

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