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Host Links and Gweb, update 6.1.1 is available

Host Links and Gweb Professional Edition, update 6.1.1 is now available. Your local distributor can download it for installation on production sites.

This is a full update to release 6.1.0 and it includes significant enhancements and error corrections.

We recommend that all sites should be updated. The 6.1.1 release includes Gmail.

Customers running version 6.1.0 or earlier, who want this release due to new functionality in Host Links products must also update Gmail.


  • The Windows version of this release has been qualified on Windows 2003
  • The Marben stack has been qualified on Windows 2003
  • The AIX version of Ggate Pro has been qualified on Bull's new GNSP 2 with impressive performance figures all the way up to 15.000 concurrent sessions thru one single GNSP into an Olympus II system in Phoenix
  • See the announcement of version 6.1.0 for more information about all the new and exciting features offered in version 6.1
  • See the SRB for a complete list of improvements and corrections offered with this release

Errors corrected

The details of errors corrected are documented in the known error pages of our web server and are listed in the announcement for our technical list.

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