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G&R » About G&R » News » The first external downloader of Glink for Java was.....  

The first external downloader of Glink for Java was.....

We have previously offered only Glink for Windows to the general public for download and trial. On February 7th 2002 we broke new ground by making Glink for Java available for download and trial.

We offer an application version, delivered as a freestanding workstation client that can be installed and used on any platform with a Java 2 JRE (Java Run-time Environment).

The announcement of the offer was made to the general public and our own distributors simultaneously, the distributors had no advantage.

We are pleased to announce that the very first external download was by Hannu Pasenius of the Software Sales team at ICL International Computers Limited Oy in Finland, the first day the demo was available.

Congratulations Hannu, well done!!!!!!!!!!!

A small award will be made in due course.

You can read Hannu's comments about the download and trial
experience below.

We have a long tradition in the company of making a small award to the first external downloader of any new product that we make available for download and trial. This tradition is now revived to celebrate our new 'open' download policy. We now announce all new products that are available for download and trial to the general public, with a clickable URL to the download page. The fastest mouse wins.

This time the fastest mouse belonged to Hannu Pasenius at ICL International Computers Limited Oy in Finland, which is an IT product sales company. All the related services are provided and mostly sold by a sister organization, ICL Invia Oy.

Hannu's job is to help their software sales people in selling software licenses: Microsoft, Adobe, Novell, Lotus, Gallager & Robertson, Citrix, Veritas, WinZip, etc.

Hannu spends a lot of his working hours preparing and maintaining pricelists and product information in ICL systems. He has also started to learn more technical details about Microsoft and other products. The idea is to have more technical knowledge in the software sales team, in order to be able to sell solutions rather than pure licenses.

Hannu said to us:

"For G&R products I prepare the installation packages, printed
documentation, etc. That's why I dowloaded the demo, to see how
it works and to be able to communicate the experiences with our
sales people and the customers."

About the download, Hannu said:

"The installation went fine, no problems. I tried the
application on the Java VM in my workstation and installed the
VM which came with the package. Both worked just fine. Also the
one-month trial license works fine. I tried one of the demo
connections and it was fine. I found it nice and easy to
download and install. I can recommend our customers to try it,
and buy afterwards, of course."

When we asked if we could quote his download story Hannu said:

"Of course. Feel free to quote. As I said, all went just fine,
no problems. The instruction were clear and I had no problems in
following them. I was positively surprised because it's been a
long time since I have been involved with installing and testing
software. I have almost no experience with installing and
configuring PC software. I used to know GCOS and HVS quite well,
but that's history now."

We are very pleased to see ICL increasing the technical knowledge of the team supporting the software sales people.

Thanks for many fine words Hannu!

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